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“I am currently working with Stephanie as my executive coach – we started working together in October 2019 after I heard about her from a mutual friend. I had been laid off of a C-level job and was going through a challenging time to process what happened and figure out what was next for me. Stephanie and I met for an initial consultation and hit it off right away.

Stephanie provides me with guidance, mentorship, encouragement and support. She challenges me and holds me accountable. I have truly felt like I had a partner in my corner to help me navigate a difficult career transition and she made it a lot easier and made me feel empowered throughout the process.

I appreciate how Stephanie would regularly ask for feedback on our sessions and check in to ensure we were focusing on what mattered most to me. She was flexible as my goals shifted throughout my job search and was able to pivot as needed to help in many different ways.

I am continuing to work with Stephanie to set me up for success in my new role and look forward to having her as a partner on this journey.

I would highly recommend any leader looking for a coach to work with Stephanie.”

– Megan Bowen

Chief Customer Officer

“I have found that working with Stephanie has given me more clarity than anything else I have tried and having her in my corner is an unequivocal advantage.”

“The Breakthrough Leadership Session with Know & Flourish has been one of the most impactful components of my career transition. This session with Stephanie was key to getting clear on what was and wasn’t working for me in my previous pursuits in executive leadership. Her assessment program and consultative coaching gave me a new dimension of understanding.”

– Sherry F. Adams

SVP – Growth Agent – Advisor

“The coaching that Stephanie has provided has proven to be invaluable for my own in-progress career move. She has been lock-step with me from the day I began my career-move search and has continued with me along the path every step of the way. Her exercises have supplied me with insights into what roles truly suit me best, her feedback has created windows into other points of view that I never would have seen otherwise… The responses from those companies that I am looking to impress are unlike any that I have ever received before because I have a greater sense of self – and that authenticity could not have come to be had I not been working with Stephanie.”

– Geoff Greenblatt

Business Intelligence Leader, M.B.A., Freelancer

"Stephanie has been absolutely critical as a guide to me as I've pushed through a number of challenging intersections of my personal and professional life. She transformed what I felt as insurmountable pressure and obstacles into clear options to move forward successfully that I could not identify on my own... If you are seeking to hire someone to develop your skills, or create a plan forward to a happier, more successful future, I cannot recommend Stephanie enough. I am so grateful I had Stephanie to guide me through what were some of the most critical turning points of my life."
Michelle Taigounov
Founder, President at the Violet Foundation
"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Stephanie for the past several months. Her expertise in coaching and mentoring has proven invaluable to me at a pivotal point in my professional career. Her approach of getting to know me first instantly won me over. During our time we focused on what's important to me and then used that to build not only a plan for near term success but also longer term success i.e., Where do I want to be in five year? Stephanie is always available to help with an urgent question or issue and I value her for her ability to analyze any given situation and provide new perspective. Please feel to reach out to me for a reference as I highly recommend her!"
Clive Miller
Regional Vice President
"The three top things that I enjoy most about working with Stephanie are (1) She always brings actionable advice to each call, even if it's a last minute problem. (2) she is the first coach that I have ever worked with that was able to give me a goal system that was actually effective and (3) she is able to challenge my thinking. In the past year of working with Stephanie I have closed the biggest deal of my career and I attribute a lot of that to the work that I did with Stephanie. "
Sara Levinson
VP Business Development, Prometric

“The minute I learned Stephanie was an executive coach, I knew I wanted to work with her. She’s driven, focused and easy to talk to – everything you want in a coach.

What’s more, she has relevant experience and is able to sort through all that I share with her to (a) distill it down to core issues and then (b) map out a plan for improvement. Whenever she comes across an article, podcast or video she thinks is relevant, she shares it and she helps me acknowledge and celebrate my successes.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Stephanie.”

– Cerelle Centero

VP of Operations

“She takes time to understand who you are, and helps YOU understand who you are through various surveys, discussions and prompts for her clients to take away and act on independently. I have found the process enlightening, empowering and confidence-building…If you’re feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your current professional situation, please consider letting Stephanie help you blast into the next phase of your life feeling confident and focused.”

– Amanda Thompson

Chief Operating Officer

“Stephanie hosted a breakthrough session for me when I became unemployed as a result of Covid-19. I ended up learning more about my strengths with her two sessions than I could have ever imagined. She helped me take a step back from my day-to-day duties and truly helped me reflect on my unique skillset, what I’m capable of, and what I’m looking to do next in my career & life. Within 2 weeks of our sessions, I landed a handful of opportunities that were directly in line with my goals/passions. I couldn’t put a price tag on the way that she helped me!” 

– Katie Vasquez

Strategic Team Lead

 “Stephanie provides me with guidance, mentorship, encouragement and support. She challenges me and holds me accountable. I have truly felt like I had a partner in my corner to help me navigate a difficult career transition and she made it a lot easier and made me feel empowered throughout the process.”

– Jacq Abernathy

VP of Customer Success