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Professional growth advice for executive leaders and teams


Know & Flourish is a professional growth advisory that works with executives and leaders in revenue functions to rapidly develop and implement scalable go-to-market strategies. 

Our thoughtful approach is designed to quickly identify gaps and opportunities, and deliver meaningful, lasting impact. 

Whether you are already in the C-suite, aspiring to effect change within unfamiliar circumstances, or striving to achieve individual or team goals, Know & Flourish’s proven methodology will yield results.


Individualized Coaching & Training

We coach individuals:
● Facing new work circumstances, for which they lack familiarity or confidence
● Needing to quickly up-skill or address experience deficits and overcome challenges
● Pursuing new opportunities and do not know how best to position, prepare, or negotiate compensation

C-Suite Advice & Thought Partnership

We advise CEOs:
● Confronting new expectations, demands, and board dynamics
● Navigating volatile market conditions and periods of unpredictability
● Working under unique conditions and lacking internal advocates or neutral, objective parties

Performance Training &SKO Programming

We train go-to-market teams:
● Assessing current practices and enhancing them to deliver better outcomes
● Offering hands-on guidance, coaching, and tools to make quota attainment possible
● Evaluating performance and identifying specific opportunities to improve performance

Intererim Leadership & Growth Strategy

We provide interim leadership:
● Stepping in to offer expertise during transitional periods
● Steering rapidly-scaling businesses after recent funding rounds
● Modeling best practices for rising go-to-market leaders


As a professional growth advisory, we tailor all of our programs to the specific requirements and circumstances facing our clients.

Whether you are a CEO seeking a thought partner, an executive transitioning into a new role, a rapidly-growing company experiencing volatility, or a revenue leader looking to up-skill your team, we have you covered.

Our individualized programs are customized to help current leaders overcome pressing challenges and potential leaders prepare for what lies ahead.


Our team-based programs cover everything from identifying gaps and opportunities to rapidly-implementing training programs to help people level-up.


Our company programs focus on delivering interim leadership to help dynamic organizations stabilize, hit short-term targets, and plan for the future.


Know & Flourish is led by Stephanie Blair, a trusted executive advisor and organizational leader who has successfully steered complex companies and teams through digital transformations, international expansions, and acquisition processes. 

A go-to-market leader in her own right, Stephanie has a proven approach to scaling businesses, and she applies this expertise methodically in her work with C-suite executives and revenue growth teams. 

In a decade of international senior management roles at a SaaS-focused, global digital research company, Stephanie built and scaled the business to support clients in more than 100 countries. As a partner to leaders at Fortune 500 brands, business agencies, and high-growth technology startups, she positioned herself as a change agent and revenue driver. 

Stephanie has held a multitude of titles, including Managing Director, EMEA; Senior Director, Global Accounts; Vice President, Account Management; and Chief Revenue Officer, and has represented companies like eMarketer and Agency Within. She has also served clients across industries, among them Nike, AB InBev, and Rite Aid. 


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