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Not Your Average Sales Training

Move the dial on your revenue numbers

High-impact, enduring, consultative sales training

The Know & Flourish Approach
Using this action-oriented, consultative-sales approach you can level-up your sales organization while leveraging value-based sales methodologies such as Sandler, Challenger, and MEDDIC. The Know & Flourish Method is grounded in proven techniques, and combines with YOUR way of selling, all to:
  • Ensure you have a scalable sales method that enables your teams to go to market in a consistent, impactful way
  • Empower your teams to be more successful in their sales efforts related to prospecting, forecasting, selling and closing 
  • Deliver on your forecasted numbers with greater accuracy
  • Exceed your revenue targets 

Do These Challenges Resonate?

  • Have you found yourself grappling with unacceptable “surprises” late in the quarter or year, when deals you were counting on slip or are “unexpectedly” lost to a competitor?
  • Are your teams lacking control and discipline of their sales cycle?
  • Do you find your teams selling more on features than benefits?
  • Are there inconsistencies in forecasting approaches across your sellers, making it difficult to get a handle on the real revenue picture?
  • Do you want what is best for your teams but struggle with time or resource allocation?
  • Do you see success in certain pockets of your teams but struggle to crack the code on the best way to scale this success to the entire organization?

Despite your best intentions, there are always time deficits, talent or hiring gaps, and blind spots that need to be identified and course-corrected quickly. You need to train and level-up your sales teams in impactful ways that lead to real, measurable results. This is what we do. Know & Flourish has devised a consultative, value-based sales strategy and training program that is “Not Your Average Sales Training.”™ 

When you’re in the business of securing six or seven-figure contracts or multiyear deals, your buyers must be clear on how your solutions solve their most pressing issues and how the outcomes impact their broader business objectives

The Know & Flourish Method will improve your teams’ ability to sell in a value-based way. 

Our consultative sales training workshops, SKO engagements, group coaching, and leadership development engagements have the power to immediately and impactfully move the dial on your revenue growth in a scalable, sustainable, way.

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What You Can Expect From the Know & Flourish Method

Know & Flourish is a proven three-step process that sets your engagement up for success

1. In the Know Diagnostic ®

The Know & Flourish team interviews key stakeholders across your business to determine challenges across functional areas, levels, and regions. We clarify what is working and what is not and suggest improvements/training modules that are customized to align with your business goals and drive revenue growth.

2. Know & Flourish Sales Mastery Training Session(s):

Whether you are looking to fill 2-4 hours of an offsite with high-impact training and group workshops OR you have 2-3 days to fill at an SKO and you need a partner to bring a memorable, high-energy, relevant training to life. Leverage our proven format which mixes workshop-style sessions, smaller-group breakout sessions, teaching moments, games, & writing/exercises to level up your commercial teams in ways that will directly impact your numbers.

3. Go Forth & Flourish ®

The Know & Flourish team creates training materials tailored to your goals and team’s critical skill gaps, and we incorporate measurable reinforcement moments, and prepare your “Go Forth & Flourish Quick Reference Guide” that leaders and sellers can leverage beyond the event. Quarterly leadership training sessions, deep-dive group coaching programs and new hire trainings are just some of the ways you can continue to reinforce these skills in 2023 and beyond.

Why Choose the Know & Flourish Approach


Over the past two decades, I’ve worked with hundreds of scaling companies – from the most impressive VC-Backed firms to global F500 brands to leading tech players and agencies – and one thing is consistent across the commercial leaders that run these teams. These leaders all need to achieve mission-critical revenue growth in complex environments, but cannot do it on their own.

Praise from our Partners

"Stephanie is a force to work with. She helped my team and I think through our SKO and follow-up reinforcement in a way that allowed us to brainstorm ways to share more on our SKO topics more creatively than we could during the event AND in a way that directly impacted our sales pipe. Stephanie is a great partner who asks questions to understand our business and the outcomes we are looking for. She had a significant impact on driving our internal timeline successfully, achieving our aggressive revenue goals in Q1 and Q2, and was a supportive resource to me during a typically stressful and busy time."
Sales Enablement Director
A Cloud Guru
"What impressed us most was her ability to distill our values into a motivational presentation...Our team left the session feeling empowered, excited for their new challenges, and ready to hold each other accountable to achieve their goals."
VP - Partnerships & Alliances
Series B Company

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